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Passion is our product and that makes us build great things. Providing unsurpassed service to our customers, our employees, and our community are iMVR 's ideals.


As a team, we have come together, innovating to the highest level. We are constantly breaking new ground, setting a high bar for ourselves to bring better solutions to your future.


We constantly exceed expectations, so that we can make your business shine, more successful...the ability to stand out above our competition.  

We just DO!

Words From Our President

After spending many years leading our sister company, Fleet-Tax Services, speaking to many carriers through our workshops, I had the feeling there is a  need for a system to enhance training and adding compliance. 

The vision I had is very simple, using Virtual Reality to bring more safety to our roads through a fully immersive product that can is portable, easy to use and cost less than one insurance claim.

We love what we do and it shows. With more than 100 years of combined experience in the many fields of transportation and IT, we understand our industries. There’s no challenge too big or too small, and we dedicate our utmost energy to the project we take on. We are focused and determined to enhance driving patterns by revolutionizing the transportation industry through a new way of learning. Every client is unique. That’s why we customize every one of our plans to fit your needs exactly.

Take the first step to open a conversation on how iMVR can add to your training, compliance, and retention.

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