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The objective of iMVR was to produce IRIS and to enhance driver's performance and reinforcing positive driving behaviour. 

Ultimately, it will help reduce accident rates on the road.

IRIS reinforces the real-life training, while virtually coming face to face with all over-the-road challenges within the world that our systems provide.

iMVR is bringing a layer of virtual reality to the real world of heavy vehicle driver training. The future will bring many other facets of training and scenarios.

Not to be confused with a full-scale driving simulator, the training system and its virtual reality headset immerse users into an animated driving environment in which eye movements can be tracked.

​There is already a shortage of professional truck drivers across North America. Traditional training methods can be very expensive for both truck training schools and new potential professional truck drivers.  IRIS by iMVR is the perfect platform for helping in training and changing behaviour driving. It is a cost-effective tool to ensure compliance, safety, and retention in our industry.


iMVR is very proud and honoured to be working with Commercial Heavy Equipment Training Ltd. (C.H.E.T.) and Musket Transport Ltd. a top-notch training facility. C.HE.T. is the first school to introduce this new tool of training, IRIS, to the truck driving students.

CHET’s curriculum already exceeds the Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) and continue to be leaders as they recognize how iMVR’s virtual reality eye-tracked recall system with it’s enhanced Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) will further bring the bar of understanding with hands-on learning to the next level.


​Great potential for integrating Virtual Reality (VR) into your plan will impact your long term goals. Studies support VR learning to be significantly better in retention than traditional methods. Leading companies are investing in VR and applying non-traditional methods to grow their business, company culture initiatives, human resources, education, and training.  This is an eye-tracked virtual reality with many additional features to assist with the next step of advancement in truck training.

Trucking Human Resource Sector Council (THRSC) Atlantic partners with iMVR to introduce IRIS as a new tool of training to transportation in Atlantic Canada.

"Focusing on what matters most – helping to enhance driving performance, every day and creating confidence in day to day situations" said Vickie DeVos, CEO and President, iMVR .

Training Impact

Richard B. C.H.E.T Instructor

It is a great tool to introduce driving before taking students on the road. Being able to look out the window in the IRIS VR, we can see the real-world impact, something that in a large simulator can’t be done. A lot of techniques in their pocket before hitting the road. Commercial Heavy Equipment Training is the first facility in North America to have a VR System like IRIS

Anna D, Truck Training Student

Being able to have things that are in the real world, like construction and people walking across the roads was good to help be ready to get into a real truck. It helped me get ready.

Jad , Truck Training Student Graduate

It is amazing for the students, it simulates everything in the truck, the mirrors, the outside world. It gives a virtual city and outside the city with other cars reacting to your driving.

Truck Training


Developed to enhance, train and retain information with our eye-tracking technology, the IRIS System makes Virtual Reality Training within anyone's reach. 


$5 per user

See pricing page for details

Small Fleet


From 10-50 Professional drivers, the Fleet Package has been created to bring you the IRIS System into your office for pre-employment, training and post-accident follow-up.  


$10 per user

See pricing page for details

Larger Carrier


With the ability to accommodate from 50 to unlimited amount of Professional Driver base, the IRIS System allows you to assign, monitor and access your cloud-based account.


$4.99 per user

See pricing page for details

iMVR has the vision of making our roads safer...PERIOD!

- We can enhance your training by immersing your drivers into a Virtual reality environment while using our unique eye-tracking technology.


- With the iMVR system, we can assist with Fleetmatic Data access, monitoring progress and results.


-Driving in the Virtual World, we can see where the drivers are looking and introduce scenarios using Artificial Intelligence to recognize any corrective areas and praise for positive results


-Using IRIS can increase retention within your company by having a starting point at their hire date, part of their pre-employment and measuring improvements at their annual review.


-The whole package will cost you less than 1 insurance claim!











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