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                           What is                                          ?

IMVR is the company that  created IRIS.  IRIS is a virtual reality based tool designed to enhance professional driver training and safety compliance.   We use our industry knowledge, the experience of our customers and the knowledge of transportation industry experts to continuously evolve and enhance IRIS.   Unique eye-tracking technology, artificial intelligenceperformance tracking and the ability to customize the tool to exceed your expectations are just some of the many features available to you in IRIS

Eye Tracking 
Artificial Intelligence  (AI)
Reporting & Data Analysis

 Tracks and analyzes  eye movement for attention, distraction and focus.  It can enhancesconfidence in day to day situations, experiences and decisions.

IRIS' Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities  bring attention to the areas of concern by helping in training and enhancing where and how a driver reacts.

All modules and associated data are recorded when using IRIS.   Customizable reports to meet your needs can be generated using this data.