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iMVR has the vision of making our roads safer, PERIOD!

Using Virtual Reality, iMVR has developed software to enhance the transportation industry. Unique eye tracking technology, artificial intelligence and many other features which are developed to enhance driving performance, measure key areas for improvement, recognize positive feedback and report all of this back to you. The unique platform put together by the iMVR team has already earned recognition in the industry and outside. There are many plans in the pipeline for future development with different strategies in play. IRIS is customizable for each client, reflecting to each clients culture, beliefs and values.  The impact of iMVR's software has reached country-wide status and we are looking BEYOND. IRIS will assist transport drivers by enhancing their performance and reinforcing positive driving behaviour. The objective is ultimately help reduce accident rates on the road, provide a cost effective training tool that is mobile and will make your program stand out with compliance, safety and data to back it all up.



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